Welcome to our page! Table of Two Cities started in late 2016 as an initiative to record narratives objectively from the Hong Kong refugee community. It has evolved to become one of the programs offered by Grassroots Future, a registered charitable institution under s88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (91/17131).

Table of Two Cities is a storytelling project told through the medium of food. The idea that a shared meal can bring both sides of Hong Kong to one shared table.  Two sides of the city, united by an idea, by acceptance, understanding and by food.

Photo: Chris Davey

We hope to convey the perspectives from Hong Kong’s refugee community as faithfully as possible. We believe there is a particular power in words and an empowerment from having your own narrative. We lightly redact our interviews but keep the content true to how we were given the information. Opinions are interviewee’s own.

Photo: Phoebe So